You can now claim the rest of Twitch’s free year of Switch Online giveaway

For those early birds who immediately took advantage of Twitch’s free year of Nintendo Switch Online giveaway to Prime members and redeemed the first three months of the promotion, you can now get a code to redeem for the rest of a 12 month subscription.

The promotion was sensibly split into two parts, presumably to avoid people taking out a free trial and making off with a full year’s subscription. From 29th March you could log in and claim three months of Switch Online, with a further nine months then only being made available 60 days later. So, if you nabbed that first code on day one, you can now head back to and claim the rest of the year.


If you’ve redeemed it later, or haven’t redeemed it yet, then you’ve still got some waiting to do! You have until September 24, 2019 for the first three months and until January 22, 2020 to claim the additional nine months. It can be stacked with a current Switch Online subscription, but only for individual subs and not family subs.

Nintendo Switch Online is the Switch’s gateway to playing online games, launched last September over 18 months after the console’s original release. Required for playing games online (or in the case of Super Mario Maker 2, simply accessing the user created levels) it also featured cloud backups for save data and a growing collection of classic NES games that have been enhanced with online play.

Nintendo reported in April that they’d picked up 9.8 million Switch Online subscribers since the service launched, following on from their initial reporting of 8 million in January. The Twitch promotion will almost certainly have helped to boost the number further, but it’s still quite impressive for Nintendo to pick up nearly a third of the Switch’s 34.74 million user base for their fledgeling online subscription.

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  1. Thanks for reminder! Did mine and I’m now onlined up until 2021 and yes I did turn off auto renewal. Thanks again.

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