The Death Stranding trailer is here, all nine minutes of it!

The Death Stranding trailer has landed at las and it’s an as epic as you might expect, and also mad as a box of frogs, which you should have also expected.


It begins with Mads Mikkelsen, who plays Cliff, staring down the camera, seemingly talking to one of the babies we have seen in bottles, before moving to Lindsey Wagner’s character Amelie who appears to the be the president of America, or as Sam puts it, “The President of jack shit.” It seems Sam has known for quite a while as a picture show younger versions of the characters.

The trailer moves on to show Sam using both a ladder and climbing anchor to traverse the landscape, and also driving a hi tech motorcycle before it goes on to mention a militant separatist group “plotting in the shadows” which appear to be called “Homodemons”, but I could be mishearing that.

The babies are ‘Bridge babie’, presumably as they can bridge between Sams world and the place from which the freaky smoke demon things, which are referred to as ‘BTs’, come from. Then things get very odd as there is a first person section and we are in World War I, because why not.

Troy Baker’s character, Higgs, mentions he knows ‘the truth’ of the Death Stranding and says he has “a good connection to the other side”, and then Mads returns as leader of a squad of fire proof zombie soldiers during what I would guess is the Vietnam War – there’s a helicopter overhead so it’s not World War I again.

Continuing his tradition of giving women an odd, some might say demeaning name, Léa Seydoux is playing a character called Fragile, however that’s slightly better than Guillermo del Toro’s character who is just called Dead Man. He’s not the only director in the cast as Drive and The Neon Demon director Nicholas Winding Refn is making a special guest appearance playing Heartman.

The release date is confirmed as 8th November.

So, in summary

  • Lots of famous people.
  • Sam will have to ‘reconnect’ the people of America.
  • The smokey demon things are called ‘BTs’ and they show up the rain.
  • They can be detected by Bridge Babies.
  • World War I.
  • Probably Vietnam and zombie soldiers.
  • Ladders and ropes.
  • Stealth and mele combat.

Source: YouTube

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  1. That wasn’t what I was expecting, but your right it is mad as a box of frogs.

    I was expecting to see ‘only on PS4’ at the end of the video like you see on most (if not all) PS4 exclusives. Maybe it’ll also release on PS5 on the 8th November? Any other date and I wouldn’t have thought this but 8/11 is around the time you would expect to see a new console released.

    • Sony have confirmed they aren’t even going to talk about PS5 until March 2020 so… no October 2020 for PS5 matey, not this year.

      • Yeah, just wishful thinking.
        Actually I don’t mind when it’s released. I’ve got quite a few games to finish and will be able to play them on either console.

  2. The Japanese trailer included extra footage of a bossfight with a tentacle monster!
    Also the Japanese transcript actually has a few different meanings than the English, e.g. that the terrorists objective is to actually cause ‘void outs’, not just that its one of their tools

  3. To be honest, I wasn’t as impressed by some of Kojimas previous games as everyone else, as in my opinion he’s responsible for some of the most overhyped games of last gen. But this is the first trailer of Death Stranding which actually leaves me intrigued, although gameplay-wise it looks quite similar to MGS.

  4. Still bizarre, still compelling.

  5. So in terms of gameplay, what is it?

    • It looks a lot like Metal Gear Solid V to me, but with a different tone and setting, and some funky new gadgets.

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