Assetto Corsa Competizione has left the Early Access pit lane on PC

After eight months in Early Access, the follow up to the widely praised sim racer Assetto Corsa has reached its full release. Assetto Corsa Competizioni version 1.0 is now available for PC via Steam.


Compared to the original, Assetto Corsa Competizione has been built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4, which has allowed Kunos Simulazioni to add variable weather conditions, night races and more to the game. They’ve also leant on LaserScan technology to capture all of the circuits in the game and reach new heights with accuracy.

All of this is in aid of being the most authentic recreation of the Blancpain GT Series possible. All of the official cars, teams and drivers are now full represented in the game, and you can take part in a new Career Mode. This mode has you create your own racing team, going through driving tests and racing weekends on the quest to win the championship. Alternatively, Championship Mode lets you simply pick a real driver and take on the full season in their shoes.

There’s an emphasis on multiplayer with Competizione, with a ranking system that looks to evaluate both performance and driving behaviour and bring this into the matchmaking.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is out now for PC, but if and when it will come to consoles is still up in the air. The first Assetto Corsa arrived on PC at the end of 2014, taking until August 2016 before it arrives on PS4 and Xbox One. Unreal Engine 4 ought to make the jump a little easier this time, compared to the in-house engine of the first game, but could present its own challenges. Fellow Italian racing game developer Milestone have also adopted UE 4 for their games, but haven’t been able to publish a game that goes beyond 1080p30 on base hardware. Kunos might find themselves in a similar position when porting Assetto Corsa Competizione across.

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