Dead By Daylight Switch release date confirmed, Ghostface announced

Developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that its upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Dead By Daylight will be launching later this year.

The port will be available to download via the Nintendo eShop on September 24th with a physical edition available to buy at retail. A launch price for the popular asymmetrical horror game has yet to be confirmed – for reference, the PlayStation 4 version is currently pegged at £29.99.


The Switch version will include more than just the base game. It will also feature “4 additional chapters” and three cosmetic packs, with 9 killers and 10 survivors to play as though exactly which ones has not been announced.

Following its launch back in 2016, the multiplayer title has received numerous updates and DLC expansions, some of which are centred on legendary horror icons like Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger. If we had to guess, when Dead By Daylight launches on Switch, these more desirable characters will be kept behind the DLC paywall and won’t form part of its default roster.

Speaking of horror icons, there’s a new slasher being thrown into the mix. Ghostface will be carving his way into Dead By Daylight later this year, Behaviour Interactive announcing the new character via a cinematic trailer. Even if you haven’t seen the 1996 classic, Scream, you’ll no doubt be familiar with his creepy elongated mask.

Just how far the game will lean into the Wes Craven character and Scream’s penchant for parody remains unclear. For now we don’t know how Ghostface will play in-game or what abilities he has at his disposal when hunting down survivors.

The studio promises more info during a full reveal Twitch broadcast its running on May 31st at 3PM EST (8PM BST). This stream will also be celebrating the game’s third anniversary, so hopefully BI has more gory goodies to reveal.

We scored Dead By Daylight a 6/10 at launch, praising the game for its unique approach yet docking points for its repetitive, often frustrating multiplayer design. We also published a detailed breakdown, comparing Dead By Daylight versus Friday the 13th: The Video Game.

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