Say hello to the final full blooded Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 clan, the Malkavians

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 was a surprise announcement to be sure, but a welcome one for many fans of the original game. There have been years of fans wanting a new game in the franchise and Paradox Interactive along with Hardsuit Labs seem to be aiming to capture the essence of the original as the lead narrative designer of the first game, Brian Mitsoda, is on board to help expand the world. That world includes the various clans and today the final full blooded clan, the Malkavians.

The Malkavians are known as the Clan of the Moon and they have knowledge of basically all the secrets of the world with nothing remaining hidden from them for long. However, while the Malkavians have access to a lot of secrets that access comes at the price of their sanity as the knowledge can lead to psychosis as well as other mental health problems. The clan is usually ostracised by the others but are also considered oracles as well.

The powers available to the Malkavians include Dementation, which can place a spectre in the mind of the target and make them run or the power can be used to fill the target with rage so they lash out. The other power is Auspex which incorporates Aura Sense that means they read crowds, see NPCs through walls, and mark targets that can be tracked. Auspex also includes Psychic Projection so the vampire can eject mind from body and explore an environment.

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