There’s a tabletop RPG version of Sea of Thieves inbound

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is quite a popular title with players able to roam the high seas as swashbuckling pirates who can raid other player’s ships, hunt for treasure among the many islands that dot the seas or survive against legendary creatures like the Kraken. It’s a game that gives players a sense of freedom to experience their own stories, and now that experience is leaving the screen and coming to the tabletops of gaming lounges around the world.


The Sea of Thieves RPG is being produced by Mongoose Publishing with rules being designed for players, both experienced and inexperienced, to dive straight into the action of taking on forts and other encounters on the sea. You’ll compete with each other to find treasure, as well as contend with the Megalodon and other threats that could cost you your ship and treasure. The Sea of Thieves RPG is expected to launch in October.

Those who pre-order the RPG will get an ebook edition straight away so the pirate’s life can be experienced sooner while waiting for the physical edition. If you want the complete box set it’ll cost £60, while the ebook edition appears to come in at £30.

Source: Mongoose Publishing 

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