What We Played #401 – Total War: Three Kingdoms, Dauntless & Warhammer: Chaosbane

It’s the last couple of weeks before E3 and that means it’s time for publishers to chuck out a bunch of teasers, trailers and big announcements. It’s also given us at TSA the opportunity to limber up our news writing finger muscles, for when things get really silly next weekend.

This past week I’ve been plugging away at Dark Future: Blood Red States and its unusual car combat strategy, and dipped back into Apex Legends now that they’ve talked about the game’s future, and went back to mess about with Super Mario Maker on Wii U, after getting to play Super Mario Maker 2.

Nick has been on the review path this past week. He’s played Void Bastards and had a good bit of fun with it, and the same can be said after he put “some silly hours” into Warhammer: Chaosbane to reach the endgame. It’s good, but pales in comparison to Diablo III, in his opinion.

With the Overwatch anniversary event, Nicole has been lured back by the chance of grabbing some quirky skins and opening those dastardly loot boxes. Besides that she reviewed Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, and thought that it though it is “a nostalgic throwback to the good ‘ol days of Nintendogs, it sadly lacks the level of interaction you’d expect from a pet sim.”

From pet sim to walking sim, but without the sim, Nic has been going walking. He’s also had Pokémon Go on his phone, and found a Snorlax blocking his path to work. How strange? Meanwhile, Gamoc’s spent “an hour or so” in Days Gone and the same amount of time in Jurassic Park Evolution. He’s not had much gaming time this week!

Tuffcub had even less fun with more games. Mortal Kombat 11 “is just stupid and none of the controls work” and he’s not entirely sure that he likes Layers of Fear 2, but thinks he does. Read more on that in his review.

Jason’s finished Expert Mode on Terraria, which took him three weeks, and has sunk more time into Total War: Three Kingdoms and Magic the Gathering Arena. Also visiting Ancient China in Total War was Jim, who supplemented this with some Dauntless, more Blood & Truth, and a good chunk of time in Mordhau, which pretty close to nailing the “COD but with swords” genre.

Koral is a short little puzzler about coral reefs that Aran has been reviewing, with the rest of his time spent in Metro Exodus, where he thinks he’s reached the final stretch. Meanwhile, Steve has continued his journey with inFamous 2, but didn’t realise he was logged in as Dom, put some time with Super Magic Cane Zero, bashed his head up against the brick wall of Vambrace, and sadly managed to not play Plague Tale: Innocence. He will do soon, I’m sure.

Finally, Dom has been dipping into Dauntless every now and then, supplementing that with Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter Stories. He’s also plugging away at Golem Gates and SteamWorld Quest, which he’s belatedly playing for review.

Now it’s over to you. What have you played this past week?

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  1. I wrote a long list yesterday and wouldn’t post for some reason ah well here is the short version – Rage 2 Platinum and Mad Max Platinum. This weekend is World War Z and maybe Battlefield V

  2. Lots of Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition for me.

    And a bit of Thumper, and Superhot VR, as a I fairly recently got a magic hat :)

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