Game of the Month: May 2019

Often considered a quieter month in the video game calendar, May is often seen as a great time to mop up that early year backlog before being struck with June’s E3 headlines. Before you know it, we’ll find ourselves counting down the days until the next barrage of hot new releases.

That said, May 2019 has seen a steady trickle of top tier games with quite a few pleasant surprises. This time last year we were knees deep in the android-driven drama of Detroit: Too Human, flogging our finest loot in Moonlighter, and surviving the zombie apocalypse (again) with State of Decay 2. We somehow managed to endure Agony as well – easily one of the most disturbing video games in recent memory.

This month was expectedly short on massive, AAA games and blockbuster sequels. May 2019 instead saw us indulge in some of the coolest, most inventive games we’ve played this year with several prominent indies rising to the top.


Wanting to spotlight those games that made May so special, let’s look back on TSA’s game of the month alongside three deserving runners-up.

It didn’t take much deliberation. A Plague Tale: Innocence was the clear winner here – make sure you read our 9/10 review. While there’s been no shortage of great single player experiences over the past few years, the team at Asobo Studio has created a rare treat. A game with interesting mechanics and compelling characters, wrapped up succinctly in 10 to 12 hours without needing “live” elements or a sprawling open world to lean on.

Featuring far less rodents, our runners up includes a combination of engaging storytelling, unpredictable space-faring antics, and cockney VR counterpart to Time Crisis. No Code’s Observation proved to be a unique and superbly presented sci-fi thriller, bagging an 8/10 in our review. Meanwhile, Blue Manchu’s Void Bastards proved to be a charmingly challenging shooter roguelike hybrid with one of the best art styles we’ve seen in 2019 – another 8/10 from us. Finally, we had Blood & Truth from London Studio which fared just as well in our review. The PlayStation VR continues to enrich its software catalogue with a diversity of immersive games which now includes a high octane arcade shooter that’s chock full of set piece action.

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