Auto Chess update adds Week 2 Chess Pass quests

Auto Chess, a new game spawned from the Dota 2 mod of the same name, is now rolling out on mobile devices with support for both Android and iOS.

As we’ve seen in many online or “live service” games, Auto Chess (also referred to as Auto Chess: Origin) is completely free to download and play though employs a system similar to Fornite’s Battle Pass.


The Chess Pass, as it’s known, will rank up you play matches and complete any weekly quests or season challenges. There are 200 tiers to unlock, rewarding die hard players with bonus currency as well as cosmetic items.

Season 1 of the Chess Pass is well underway, developer Dragonest having updated Auto Chess with a new cluster of weekly challenges to beat. Here they are:

  • Calling Friends – Play 3 games in Casual Mode within a team (10 Chess Pass Points)New Collection – Acquire 1 item of Avatar kind (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • Outwitted – Win 300 rounds in game (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • Got my mind on my money – Acquire 90 Golds through interests in game (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • I prefer to improvise – Chess player survives through more than 35 rounds in 3 games (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • Recruit an army – Purchase 20 pieces of Mech class in 1 game (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • Reliable DPS – Win the 3 place of higher in a row for 2 times (10 Chess Pass Points)
  • Armed to Teeth – Acquire 4 items through combination in game (20 Chess Pass Points)
  • Hold Fast and Striker Faster – Have 1 piece of 1 star Devastator on chessboard in 2 games (20 Chess Pass Points)
  • Reasonable Investment – Consume 500 Golds rerolling store in game (20 Chess Pass Points)

For those completely new to Auto Chess, it’s a tough one to explain. Eight players go head to head, spending resources on units during prep phases, then watching them auto battle NPCs and the warbands of other players that spawn onto your chess board.

Auto Chess is a huge deal, in case you didn’t already know. According to the mod’s creators, it has more than 8 million players on Steam and has given Valve’s ageing MOBA, Dota 2, a shot in arm with soaring player counts. Valve announced that is supporting the development of an official Dota 2 Auto Chess game.

For more on Auto Chess, check out the game’s official website.

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