Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying the Odds revealed, teases Pacific War and Operation Metro homage

Battlefield V’s shift to a live service hasn’t been the most popular decision in history, with DICE and EA again struggling to keep their customers satisfied with a drip feed of content. However, as Chapter 4 of the Tides of War gets started this month on 27th June across PS4, Xbox One and PC, things are definitely looking up, especially with the company teasing what’s planned for later in the year.

Four new maps will be making a debut in Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, starting on 27th June with Al Sudan in North Africa (based on the Under No Flags map from the single player), continuing in July with Marita in Greece, and then with two smaller close quarters maps in August set in Provence and Lofoten Islands.

Also in June, Firestorm Battle Royale will be updated with map, vehicle and weapon changes and additions. Meanwhile there will be two new Elite skins to buy as cosmetics and new weapons such as the S2-200 MMG or the Panzerbuchse Anti-Materiel Rifle to unlock through weekly challenges.

What’s far, far more exciting is what’s planned for later in the year. After the Defying the Odds section faded to black, the trailer carried on with a teaser for Operation Underground, which holds very, very strong parallels to the classic, fan favourite Battlefield 3 map Operation Metro, set in Paris.

Then it returned for a second time, with a Japanese soldier wildly gesticulating as he overlooks a huge naval battle in the Pacific, before smacked with the butt of a rifle by an Allied soldier again. It seems like the Japanese and Americans will be entering the war later this year.

This was a game that we quite liked at launch, as I wrote in our Battlefield V review that it “scratches an itch that many will have had since Battlefield 4. DICE have found a great feel for the gunplay, the tweaks to classes and additions like fortifications largely work as intended, and the way that Grand Operations have evolved brings a refreshing variety to the game.” However, it’s not quite captured the franchise’s fans in the same way.

Hopefully Defying the Odds – more details are due at EA Play on Saturday – can go some way to restoring faith in the game’s future.

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