Darksiders Genesis brings Strife to PC, consoles and Stadia

A new Darksiders game has confirmed today in the form of Darksiders Genesis with game being developed by Airship Syndicate. Unlike the other Darksiders games, Darksiders Genesis will switch the view to a top-down camera angle, and players will be taking the role of Strife. Similarly to the other games though players will still be fighting, exploring, and puzzle solving.  Unlike War Strife doesn’t go into battle with swords of melee weapons. Nope, Strife prefers the firepower of guns. Genesis is set before the original Darksiders game before all-out war between heaven and hell consumed the human realm, but the danger is high here. In Hell Satan has begun to mess with The Balance by granting power to master Demons, so War and Strife have been sent by The Council to get rid of the danger.

A release date is to be confirmed. That’s not the only Darksiders news though as today it was confirmed the next piece of Darksiders 3 DLC called Keepers of the Void will be released in July for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Source: Press Release/Twitter

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  1. interesting, whilst i didn’t think the last darksiders game was anything fantastic, i do enjoy the world they are set in..
    now will this be the next game in the saga even though its a prequal as such, or will he get a ‘proper’ game continuing the story..
    looking forward to when they hopefully have the final game where all 4 horseman are involved..

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