Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion revealed, going free to play with New Light [Update]

Kicking off the third year of Destiny 2, Bungie have revealed a fresh expansion for their online shooter, called Shadowkeep. The expansion (which will not require that you own previous Destiny 2 expansions) will feature a new raid, new dungeon, new weapons and gear, taking players back to the Moon on 17th September on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

Shadowkeep will launch alongside a new foundational version of Destiny 2, dubbed New Light, which will be free to play and include all foundational parts of the game, which means everything from Year One, from co-op and competitive modes to the endgame. It will be a free update for all existing players who only own the base game and, as part of this, Bungie will be enabling cross-save functionality on all platforms, which they’ve confirmed will include PlayStation 4.

Here’s the blurb for Shadowkeep.

New nightmares have emerged from the shadows of our Moon. Called forth by haunting visions, Eris Morn has returned. Join her to slay these nightmares before they reach out beyond the Moon to cast humanity back into an age of darkness.

Here’s a Vi-Doc exploring how Bungie are tackling the game’s future:

The pre-order bonus is a bit rubbish, it’s the Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher which is already available in the game and many people have, along with “exclusive” Hive-themed Ornament for the weapon. There’s also a Digital Deluxe edition.

Digital Deluxe items include:
• Four Season Passes*, each offering a unique set of exclusive Seasonal activities, artifacts, and rewards
• Exclusive Eris Morn themed items:
Exotic Emote
Exotic Ghost Shell
*Season Pass redeemed when logging in. If players already own the current Season Pass, they will receive credit toward future Seasons up until Season 11. Any credits beyond Season 11 will be exchanged for an equivalent value of Silver.

The expansion leaked earlier this day, with our original story below:

Two bits of Destiny 2 news and the first is a big one. According to several sources which have spoken to Kotaku, Destiny 2 will be one of the big games coming to Google’s new streaming platform, Stadia, along with Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon.

Google are holding a press conference at 5pm tonight and it is expected to reveal the games and pricing for the platform. Bungie are also holding a livestream an hour later during which they are expected to announce the next expansion for the game which appears to have leaked thanks to dataminers.

The Shadowkeep expansion will take players back to one of the favourite destinations of Destiny 1, the Moon, and there will be a collectors edition which indicates the expansion is fairly big. An image has been discovered which includes the following text:

The next chapter in the Destiny experience arrives this fall as terrifying shadows descend upon a forgotten moon. Return to the lunar surface. Journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel. Become a slayer of nightmares.

Bungie are also expected to announce that Destiny 2 is getting cross save. At present you can only have on account on each format you play the game, which means three Guardians on each system, but Bungie are expected to reveal that you will be able to transfer your progress from Xbox, PC, and Stadia. However, the sources who have spoken to Kotaku “wasn’t yet sure whether PS4 would be part of it”. (Update: this has now been confirmed)

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Season of Oppulence, kicked off on Tuesday and has players tasked with treasure hunts to upgrade a chalice, and a new game mode called the Menagerie. I’ve had a quick dabble and I have to say it’s all getting a bit messy now, there are so many quests and currencies in the game it’s hard to keep track of what you should be doing next.

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