Here is a big gay post about PlayStation UK supporting Pride

PlayStation UK is once again sponsoring the London Pride event, the third year in a row they have done so. The will also be using the same slightly modified PlayStation slogan as last year, “For ALL the players.”

While some people are against the commercialisation of Pride events, as they are really meant to be protests rather than parties, the money is needed to help with the huge cost of the event. London Pride takes over most of the West End, from Oxford Street in the North, down through Soho to Trafalgar Square, it’s the biggest public event held in the capital attracting over one million visitors each year.


The PlayStation Gear store is also selling some Pride merchandise, and unlike some other companies who slap a rainbow on something for June, all profits from the sale will be going to a charity, in this case AKT, a charity who support young LGBTQ+ people facing homelessness. That happens an awful lot, I had a young friend staying at my place for nine months as his religious parents kicked him out on the streets when he came out.

You can buy a t-shirt, mug or a card holder. Sony have handily pointed out you can use the card holder for travel, debit, student, oyster, credit, lunch, or cinema cards, “and many others.” Thanks for that, I think we know what a card holder can hold.

Of course the tweet above has attracted the usual selection of comments about how disgusting PlayStation are for supporting the cause etc etc.

I did promise you a big gay post about the news but you have probably noticed that’s not the case, not even a ‘yass queen’ or ‘Miss Vanjie’. Maybe it’s because the gay post is just the same as all the other posts.

See what I did there.

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  1. Good to see that PlayStation is doing much better in this respect than many of their player base, well done, Sony.

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