Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order box art revealed

We’re two days away from getting a look at some gameplay from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order as it will be one of the games showcased by EA during their E3 event on Saturday. Ahead of that we have some lovely box art to look at.

Here’s the first, which is the for the standard edition of the game.

A classic Star Wars composition there, featuring our hero Cal Kestis who is played by Cameron Monaghan who you may recognise from the TV show Gotham. There’s also some spaceships along with the new Inquisitor and her Purge Troopers. Cal’s little pal, the buddy droid BD-1 voiced by original Star Wars alumni Ben Burt, is nowhere to be seen.

Cal is wielding his light saber which “integral to the story” but might not belong to him, so that could be a hint of an older Star Wars character being in the game.

There’s also a deluxe edition which as less exciting artwork, just Cal’s face looking a bit suspicious. Also that boy really needs to invest in some hair gel and a comb, being on the run from an evil empire is no excuse to have bad hair, that’s what I always say.

The game will introduce many new planets and characters and takes place after Order 66, the cull of the Jedi that Cal managed to evade. It’s an ‘action melee game’ where you play a Jedi Padawawn learning how to use his force powers and lightsaber. Rather than the traditional story of a master training a new Jedi the story focuses on a group of characters.It has ‘thoughtful combat’ and won’t be a button masher, which sounds a bit like Dark Souls, and the trailer also shows some Titanfall style wall running.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will launch on November on 15th on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4. Come back on Saturday for a full update after the EA Play E3 presentation!

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