Stellaris’ Utopia expansion will land on consoles in August

Paradox Interactive along with Tantalus Media have confirmed that the Utopia expansion will be releasing for Stellaris: Console Edition on August 13th. The Utopia expansion released way back in 2017 for the PC version of Stellaris, a year after the base game arrived on PC. Stellaris: Console Edition released in February this year for PS4 and Xbox One so the wait isn’t quite as long as what the PC fanbase had to make to with.


Everyone has their own version of utopia and so the additions that the Utopia expansion brings a number of additions to shape your civilisation. One of the first additions are megastructures which include Dyson Spheres. On the people side of things habitat stations can be build to increase your population and can act like mini planets to save space in smaller empires. The aim is to make your empire grow so why not find primitive species and begin the indoctrination early by making them adopt your empires way of life through observation stations, so when they’re ready for ascension they will fit right in.

For those who won’t join so easily you may decide to take the unethical path of slavery, and force species into specific roles for when they are enslaved. Utopia isn’t for everyone it seems. Governments also get advanced with new civics and authority types. Go from a multi-species galaxy spanning democracy to a fanatical empire that looks to purge anything that doesn’t meet the emperor’s definition of utopia. So you could create a utopia for some and a dystopian nightmare for others. The choice is yours.

Source: Press Release

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