What we want to see revealed at E3 2019

We’ve put our traditional E3 bingo to one side for 2019 – don’t worry, it’ll be back for 2020 and with added hindsight to boot! – but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream about what we expect and want to see shown off and revealed at E3 this year.

Of course, there’s all of the rumours and speculation, the game leaks and pre-announcements, but what’s on everyone’s wishlists? We’re airing our wishes for all of you to see, like neighbours catching a glimpse of your frilly white bloomers on the clothesline over the garden fence.



I’m not sure what I’m hoping for. A new Fable could be good, as well as a new Splinter Cell, but a new Assassin’s Creed would be nice to see, hoping that it expands on Odyssey and has the ace Viking setting that’s rumoured. I also think it’s time we got a Final Fantasy VII release date.

Really, I’m just looking to be surprised more than anything!

Nick P

Bloodborne 2! But if not that, then whatever that FromSoftware George RR Martin game is.


I am excited to see what Microsoft have in store, and I’m hoping we get to see a chunk of Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. Please be a new Fable too?

Other than that, I can’t wait to see Square’s Avengers game, and I’m hoping Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is more exciting than the trailer seemed to show.


One part of me would love a fairly dry, predictable E3 with few surprises, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for some outlandish announcements. I’d love to see EA finally announce Skate 4 and maybe a small expansion for Battlefront II, for example.

I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft are doing with Watch Dogs Legion, especially if there happens to be a major multiplayer component, and with Sony absent, this is the closest Microsoft will have to an open goal against its rival. Imagine what a Microsoft–Nintendo partnership around Xbox Game Pass could do?


Honestly, Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to be hard to top but I would love to have a Resident Evil 3 remake shown or at least officially confirmed. Better yet, a new Silent Hill to appear out of nowhere and more Plague Tale content. And maybe a game where you get to kick Piers Morgan in the nads?

Nic B

What I’m hoping for at E3 is a proper remake of Resident Evil 4. Unlikely, I know, but a boy can dream…

Beyond that, just more stuff about Pokémon Sword & Shield – the open world aspect is gonna be a real game changer, I think – and I’m looking forward to hearing about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, too!


I just want a full Animal Crossing reveal, name, release date some gameplay. I’m hoping that Animal Crossing takes a large role in the Nintendo conference.


I would like to see Sony announce more cross-play titles, not for any personal reasons, just I think it would be a good move for them. Other than that, mm, not much. Maybe a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 announcement? Or a new Resistance with an open world or some RPG elements? Yes, I know Sony aren’t at E3, but they can still just announce things!

I want to see Watch Dogs Legion just to see if my office is included on the map, but I think the most important and exciting thing will be the annual “WTF is going on?” dance routine for Just Dance 2020 at the start of the Ubisoft show. This year I’m hoping for dancing lizards and chefs swinging on trapezes.


The Pokémon Game Boy Color games available virtually on Switch!


For E3 I’d like me some Nioh 2 and, erm… I can’t think of much else actually. The companies, producers and developers that I’m most interested in aren’t at E3 this year. I’m honestly not sure how relevant E3 will continue to be in an increasingly digital age.

Well, a massive downer is one way to end things. Hopefully you’re feeling a bit more positive? Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments below!



  1. A good decision to skip the bingo this year – i for one wasn’t feeling it now that Sony decided to ruin everything :(

    I expect Devolved Digital to have another bonkers presentation and i’ll watch most of the streams hoping for some cool surprises. I’m also hoping for a reveal of the third part of the NMS Beyond update and it’s subsequent release to occur during the E3 period.

  2. An open world Resistance actually sounds pretty awesome!

    I’ve lost a lot of energy about E3 over the years.
    It could just be because I’m jaded, but I think the far-off release dates curb the excitement. We might not actually see these announced games for five years.

    I also just have my guard up about games being ruined by monetisation schemes, such as creating a grind so I can be sold a double XP modifier. Many times this gen I’ve been interested in a game only to have business practices step way over the line – Battlefront 2 could have been awesome, but I’m not going to put up with all the BS surrounding it.

    • A Mario Galaxy remaster would be amazing. Now you’ve got me hunting to see if there have been rumours I’ve missed.

  3. 1. Mario Galaxy remasters for Switch.
    2. Skate 4, as always.
    3. Watch Dogs 3 to fill the Getaway 3/London gap I’ve had for the last 15 years.

  4. It’s a shame there’s no bingo, but E3 is indeed a lot less interesting without Sony. I’ll probably have a look at Ubisoft, as their shows are usually good.
    What I wish for? Well apart from Alien:Isolation 2 (which I know will not happen), some good story-driven single player games, also from small studios (like Fullbright) as they’re often better than those never ending open-world AAA titles, and certainly not more of this annoying games as a service rubbish.

  5. It’s predictable what I’m wishing for…
    1 – PSVR support for F1 2019
    2 – PSVR support for Dirt Rally 2.0
    3 – PSVR support for the new Grid
    4 – PSVR(2) support for every racing game I’m gonna buy, ever!

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