Ninja Theory’s new game Bleeding Edge leaks

One of Microsoft’s big E3 reveals has leaked out and its the new game from Hellblade creators Ninja Theory. It’s a multiplayer 4v4 combat game and appears to be like Ninja Theory does Overwatch, you can watch the off screen recording of the trailer but following this link.

Here’s a few screenshots, again all rather rubbish.

The trailer ends with some text explaining there will be a technical test that will start on June 27th.

Games analyst Daniel Ahmad tweets, “As far as I’m aware, the concept for this game started back in 2014. So before the Microsoft acquisition, but I imagine it’s gone through many changes. This was going to be announced on stage by Dominic Matthews and Rahni Tucker at the E3 conference. Shame it leaked.”

Expect a proper reveal during Microsoft’s huge E3 show.

Source: Xboxer.SK

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  1. I’m actually glad they are doing something i’m absolutely not interested in, makes me a bit less bummed about them being bought by MS… Really didnt want to miss out on their next single player story heavy game, but i never got into Overwatch or any other game of that kind.

    Style wise and judging the animations, it looks cool though!

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