What We Played #402 – Days Gone, Destiny 2 & DayZ

OMG! It’s E3 this weekend! And I’d say that’s still exciting, even if Sony have decided to keep all of their toys to themselves. We’ve been talking about what should be there, what we want to see, but now there’s time to live in the past for this week’s What We Played.

I’ve been reviewing a mobile phone and playing a bunch of mobile games, though my favourite was Monster Hunter Stories, which I can almost certainly play elsewhere. Besides that I’ve had the double card clashing due of Golem Gates and SteamWorld Quest, one of which I’ve written words about. More words to come next week.

Aran played and finished Metro Exodus’ campaign, saying it was enjoyable, even if he did get lumped with the bad ending.  He also went back to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which he said, “May be among my favourite games this generation.” Steve meanwhile has played lots of Super Magic Cane Zero, a smattering of the nice Effie, much more A Plague Tale: Innocence – he’s still not finished though – and a chunk of a game that he doesn’t think he can talk about yet.

Ade has played a whole lot of EDF Iron Rain for review which was “a load of big, stupid fun”. He’s also been racing with his son in Horizon Chase Turbo and started on Firewatch. “Oh, and lots of Nioh – which I’ve started, kinda, to actually get good at!”

It’s been the inevitable dose of Destiny 2 for Tuffcub, but not enough that he can rate the new content. “Steep has been taking up space on my hard drive since it came on PS+ and now that I’ve played it, well, it’s not for me. I also played some DayZ with Jim. Well, tried to, what an awful game.”

Jason tried out a game called VR Dungeon Knight which is a really cool dungeon crawler but in full VR. The combat feels pretty good and there are even classes and co-op too. He also played some Fortnite and some Magic the Gathering: Arena, “both of which are good games” in his opinion, and he’s been joined in playing the latter by Nic B. He’s just been grinding along as he’s “kinda fallen hole on that one…”

Nick P hasn’t played too much this week aside from the Blackout summer update; “which is very… summery,” and has been doing a few missions in Days Gone.

Gareth has also spent this week trying to play Days Gone, but in the end just got bored – “I can forgive any fault in a game other than being boring” – so to gee himself back up again, he played some Warlocks 2: God Slayers for review, some Dead Cells after the arrival of the new DLC reminded him of its existence, about 45 minutes of Stardew Valley, a bit of Jurassic Park Evolution, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and finally dipped into Skyrim VR for a bit as well.

Finally, Tef has mainly been playing Apex Legends when not wrangling the site in new directions to set up our E3 hub and other bits and bobs for the future!

Now then, what have you played while waiting for E3 to get started?

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  1. Some things beginning with D for me too.

    Finished Dragon Quest XI. Well, the main story anyway. And now I’m on to what’s a sort of interesting take on the traditional New Game+ mode. Complete with massive difficulty jump. Another 30 or 40 hours and I might finish it all.

    And some more Dauntless, which I’m quite enjoying.

    Last night was fun with Honor and Duty: D-day. Which doesn’t start with a D. But has 4 of them. Someone saw it was 75 years since the real D-Day (it might have been mentioned on the news) and tried to persuade everyone to play last night. I’m not entirely convinced that’s an appropriate way to remember it, but never mind. Loads of people playing, including several of the top players. Apparently I’m number 21 on the leaderboard, somehow. Spawn points are somewhat limited, and people were dying all over the place, so half the time respawning players were spawning into a tall stack of players. Which is fun in free-for-all mode if you want to kill several people who just respawned.

    People still haven’t learned not to get in a car if I’m driving. Although they seemed impressed when I hit a bump and flew over a fence while doing a barrel roll. And landed it successfully.

    And for anyone tempted by Firewall Zero Hour in the Days of Play sale… Don’t. It’s still completely broken since the update 17 days ago.

  2. World War Z for me!
    Tomorrow I am out with family and Sunday will be Blood and Truth VR day ^^

    • Forgot to add Battlefield V aswell comoleted the campaign on Hardcore and waiting on a patch to fix trophies as I should have the Platinum by now :(

  3. I’m still having fun with the music editor in Dreams and have also started dabbling with some rudimentary animation/visual effects.

    Oh – and tomorrow i’m going to the Cure in Dublin having last seen them live thirty years ago! :)

    • Oooh, you lucky bugger. I haven’t seen The Cure since, well, their last tour in 2016.

      Enjoy. And make sure you see The Twilight Sad supporting them. They’re very good. (Discovered them when they supported The Cure at Wembley those 2.5 years ago)

  4. Who was that guy who uses to say ‘I’m back!!’ all the time? I’m not going to but he just sprang to mind when I realised I haven’t played a console game since January. Having been cured of being all mature and too busy for games I’m playing Spider-Man, I had no idea the combat was copy and pasted from the Arkham games so that’s a great surprise, loving the swinging and launching method of travel, it’s all-round brilliant fun.

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