Battlefield V is now part of EA Access – Pacific War, private games and more detailed

Chapter 4 of Battlefield V Tides of War was revealed a few days ago, set to start on 27th June and with four new maps debuting through July and August. For EA Play, DICE went a little more into the new maps, but also confirmed new features and explained the Operation Underground and Pacific War teasers.

Starting today Battlefield V is now part of the EA and Origin Access vault, and will be part of EA Access when that comes to PlayStation 4 in July.


Operation Underground is an homage to Operation Metro from Battlefield 3, as opposed to a remaster. It’s enhanced with feedback from that game. There will be more flanking routes, for example, diffusing some of the choke points from the original map. It will be released in October between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 will then take the game to the Pacific theatre of war, reimagining the battle of Iwo Jima and two more maps set in the Pacific, blending together land, air and sea battles once more. This won’t just be a straight up remake of Battlefield 1942 and 1943, but starting fresh. Expect to see new weapons like the M1 Garand, new tanks, new planes, and so much more.

Chapter 5 will be coming out in Fall 2019.

Before then, Defying the Odds starts on 27th June with Al Sudan in North Africa (based on the Under No Flags map from the single player), continuing in July with Marita in Greece, and then with two smaller close quarters maps in August set in Provence and Lofoten Islands.

Also in June, Firestorm Battle Royale will be updated with map, vehicle and weapon changes and additions. Meanwhile there will be two new Elite skins to buy as cosmetics and new weapons such as the S2-200 MMG or the Panzerbuchse Anti-Materiel Rifle to unlock through weekly challenges.

As part of Chapter 4, they’ve heard the criticism that it was too easy to hit max rank of 50, so they’ve upped it to rank 500. Every rank will earn you Company Coin, while milestone ranks, like 100, will get you icons and dogtags. This will occur in August.

Private games will also be introduced as a free feature in September – previously they were paid rented servers in Battlefield 4 and other games – with plenty of customisation for those setting up the games.

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