A new Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass

Flight Simulator has got an awful lot of fans, and Microsoft are hoping that it gets even more in the near future, as it comes to Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass with the first new game in the series in over a decade. It will be coming out in 2020.

The imagery in the reveal trailer is truly stunning, having taken detailed satellite imagery and then fed it into Azure AI to turn it into realistic looking maps for you to fly around in civilian aircraft. It looks really quite stunning in a lot of cases, with day and night conditions as well as weather to contend with.


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  1. Best surprise ever at E3 for me!
    That scenery looks even better than X-Plane Ortho! And those weather effects… I just hope the aircraft are near PMDG levels of detail.

  2. About time!
    It looks stunning but the problem with all MS’s flight sims in the past is they have all been power hungry. I hope this time around it’ll be more cpu/graphic card friendly.

  3. This really looks amazing, and it’s been such a long time that I played a Flight Simulator game that there were actually only a couple of geometrical lines on screen, but we were all stunned…!
    This now truly looks… Wow.
    That was the only piece of content of last night’s show that I might consider going through all the pain of getting it to play in my (non-MS) living room for.

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