The Division 2’s second Raid will come this autumn, returns to New York this winter

The Division 2 has got a pretty big roadmap already, but Ubisoft just expanded on what we can expect to see coming through its first year.


It starts in July with Episode 1, taking players to the DC Outskirts with forests, the National Zoo and Kenley College to battle through, but that’s just the beginning. Episode 2 will take us to The Pentagon, and in a new revelation, it will be joined by the second 8-player raid in the game.

Finally, they showed a teaser trailer for Episode 3, where Division agents will be tasked with hunting down one of their own to discover the secrets behind the outbreak and events that followed. In a neat teaser, they’ll be heading back to New York, by way of Coney Island.

To celebrate the game’s success so far, Ubisoft will be holding a free trial this coming weeked, running from 13th to 16th June.

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