Zombie Army 4: Dead War officially announced, shambling toward release in early 2020

It’s 1946 and Hitler’s zombie armies have been defeated once and for all, putting an end to the Führer’s hellish plan of no return… or is it? I mean, that might have been how it looked at the end of Zombie Army Trilogy, but clearly something has gone awry once again, because here we are with Rebellion announcing Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

The four player co-op zombie shooter is back, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store in early 2020.


The new campaign will take this brave band of heroes to a corpse-filled Venice, a zombie zoo and beyond. You’ll be making use of classic traps and explosives as before, but there’s now a deep progression and customisation system of skills, special attacks, weapon upgrades, cosmetics, emotes and so on.

On the whole it will hold true to the co-op shooting of the original three, but now with improved drop-in, drop-out co-op, which works from start to finish.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War leaked a few days ago in the run up to E3, thanks to an errant Amazon Spain listing, and was rightly thought to be the “Major Unannounced Title” that Rebellion were teasing.

The co-op oriented Zombie Army series spawned as an undead spin-off from Sniper Elite V2 back in 2013 – then it was known as Nazi Zombie Army, but that doesn’t really fly with putting games in retail store – receiving a sequel and eventually a full release on console as Zombie Army Trilogy.

Looking back at our Zombie Army Trilogy review, I said, “Zombie Army Trilogy knows what it wants to be, a straightforward zombie sniping game that lacks any real pretensions or delusions of grandeur. Parts of the trilogy are showing their age and difficulty spikes can sap away the fun, but steel yourself for a challenge, get some mates together and there’s plenty to like about it.”

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