Alien: Isolation is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

There were certainly spooky vibes in Nintendo’s Treehouse conference at E3 with the announcements of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Resident Evil 5 and 6, but Alien: Isolation was a more unexpected game to make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. Porting rather impressive visuals and atmospheric horror from its previous multiplatform release back in 2014, the game is set to release for Nintendo’s platform for some time later this year.

The game only had a brief mention during Nintendo’s Direct, appearing alongside reams of other games as Nintendo highlighted the variety of games coming to Switch through the rest of this year.


For more news from the Nintendo’s 2019 E3 Direct and all the other news from E3 this year, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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  1. Woooow…! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested in the Switch the slightest, but that the best game ever made is actually still alive and ported to a new platform is reason to celebrate…! :-)
    Happy 40th anniversary…!

    • You’re missing out. The Switch has reignited my love of video games, which the PS4 nearly killed off entirely.

      • I can relate to the love of games getting killed off, but for me it’s not the console, I just need different kinds of games these days (not the 7th sequel of the same endless AAA game, etc.).

        I’m just not the Nintendo person, not at all, Mario and all those twinkly things always gave me the creeps.
        And I really mean them no harm, I wish them luck, it’s just not for me.
        Good you enjoy your Switch..!

      • yeah, all those games the PS4 had ages ago but now the switch has them your alive in gaming again 🤔 yeah right 😂 that comment has haterade all over it.

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