The gravity shifting Etherborn will be released this July

Altered Matter’s Etherborn has been given a release date with the studio confirming that the gravity shifting title will be released on July 18th for PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Switch. Etherborn is described as a puzzle platformer where gravity doesn’t matter as the character, a blank soul, can stick to any surface regardless of whether it appears to be a wall, floor, or ceiling. This means the puzzles themselves have been designed to take advantage of this movement so players will have to fully explore each room and look at each angle to find the way to progress.


You can read Nick’s Etherborn preview here. He described it as “as close to video game art as you are going to get. It’s like looking at an Escher painting but being able to step inside it, change it and explore, solving the mystery along the way.”

Source: Press Release

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