Xbox Project Scarlett will have backward compatibility to Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

One of the biggest advantages that the Xbox One has had over its rival this generation is backward compatibility, with Microsoft going through the extensive catalogue of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games and bringing over 600 titles forward to the current generation. Microsoft have announced that they will continue this program on Project Scarlett, so that owners have a four generations of games to choose from on the console: Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and (of course) Project Scarlett’s own games.

That’s great news for the next generation, but it means that after this week’s update no more original Xbox or Xbox 360 games will be gaining backward compatibility support on Xbox One. All good things come to an end, I suppose.


Backward compatibility has been a painstaking process on Xbox One, as Microsoft have had to individually go through the games that they’ve chosen to bring to the system and ensure that they work through an emulation layer that irons out the various kinks from the architectural changes between consoles. Further to this, some games have been enhanced for Xbox One X, bumping up the game resolutions and improving some effects.

The hardware differences won’t be quite so big from Xbox One to Project Scarlett, and so Microsoft’s goal of bringing full compatibility to the thousands of games released on the system is within reach – it’s a similar situation for PlayStation 5 having backward compatibility to PlayStation 4 games. Given that all games are now programmed with multiple hardware targets and often with support for dynamic resolutions, there could be an immediate graphical benefit for Xbox One games on Scarlett.

One final batch of backward compatibility games is landing this week, with eight original Xbox and fifteen from Xbox 360, and with eight Rare 360 games being enhanced for One X.

From original Xbox, all games are Xbox One X enhanced:


From Xbox 360 the following games are now BC compatible – and Too Human is being made free as a thank you to fans.


And these eight Rare games (all part of the Rare Replay collection) are now Xbox One X enhanced with 4K resolution support:


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