Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake on Switch gets a dungeon builder mode, coming out in September

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake for Nintendo Switch got a new trailer in Nintendo’s E3 direct, showcasing the game’s absolutely gorgeous new claymation visual style and more. It was revealed in the stream that the game will be out on 20th September.

Check it out:


New for this version of the game is an interesting dungeon builder mode called the Chamber Dungeon that you can put together and try to be in order to earn rewards. This can be found in a cobbled together hut that has been repurposed from the Camera Hut in the DX version of the game. There you find Dampé from Ocarina of Time, who gives you a series of tutorials and challenges based around this. Completing dungeons and clearing rooms unlocks more rooms for you to use and arrange how you see fit, which Dampé then challenges you to use to fill shaped on an 8×8 grid. It’s a really fascinating new feature for the game. You can then battle your way through this dungeon.

The Treehouse demo showed this and other parts of the game off. It visited the gorgeous nrea creation of Mabe Village, which features things like an updated claw prize grabbing game, which featured a Yoshi doll that was just the first step in an item trading quest throughout the game.

Following this, they showed off the Color Dungeon, which was first introduced in the DX version of the game for the Game Boy Color. All of the content in the DX version and more has been created for this game in the fantastic claymation art style, while preserving the top down feel of the original game.

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