What We Played #403 – E3 2019, Cadence of Hyrule & Destiny 2

It’s the end of yet another rather manic E3 week, filled with press conferences and announcements, tons of opinionated shouting into the aether of the internet, and the odd little tidbit of news that followed.

Miguel and Jim have both been over in LA and you can expect to see more of their thoughts and impressions filtering out over the next week or two. What I can tell you is that, in addition to Sniper Elite VR, Zombie Army 4, Spiritfarer and Forza Horizon 4’s Lego Speed Champions DLC, Miguel’s been hands on with Final Fantasy VII and John Wick Hex. They’ve both also seen Cyberpunk and a bunch of other things, so yeah, you’ll definitely want to check in on those!

Those of us back in the UK have been busily hammering away on keyboards, more frantically than when you get a tricky word in Typing of the Dead. When not on the E3 news beat, I’ve been killing time with Apex Legends’ season ending event and tapping buttons to the beat to Crypt of the NecroDancer, which I picked up in the sale while waiting for its Legend of Zelda-themed Cadence of Hyrule spin-off to release. Speaking of which, I’ve now moved on to start my adventure into Cadence of Hyrule!

Steve, meanwhile, has nabbed himself the platinum trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence, which he reckons is the best new IP since Horizon Zero Dawn! He’s also continued playing that secret game of his and started on Darksiders III.

Tuffcub’s been finding the new content in Destiny 2 to be a bit buggy, but there’s no such complaints from Jake, who’s been loving the royal theme of the Season of Opulence and the raid-inspired Menageries mode. Then there’s the raid itself:

The Crown of Sorrows is a very good looking bit of content with a good pairing mechanic which isn’t too easy to get to grips with. Plus the actual weapons and armour throughout the content look insanely beautiful, and aren’t just rehashed designs of other weapons like Bungie normally do!

Jason’s been face first into some VR games including the “fantastic dungeon crawler” VR Dungeon Knight and Superhot VR.

Meanwhile Nick has been playing more of Days Gone, and is starting to actually enjoy it a little bit. Alongside that, there’s been the new Ground War mode for Black Ops 4 Blackout, Mortal Kombat 11, Crackdown 3 and Burnout Paradise!

Finally, Dom has played a bit of Steamworld Quest, a touch of Tales from the Borderlands, and The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr… you know, when he’s not been watching E3 streams!

Now then, how have you kept yourselves occupied through the E3 week?


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  1. I’ve been well out of the loop this year and for the last seven weeks I’ve had no broadband or mobile data signal, just the dreaded ‘E’! I’ve read as much of the E3 coverage as I can keep up with and have been a bit disappointed, but hopefully this is the Sony drought before some sort of TGS deluge!
    This week I finally popped a game back into my PS4, I hadn’t played anything since Red Dead in January so my wife thought I was cured (haha, fat chance love!), but now I’m very much enjoying Spider-Man. Loving the quips Spider-Cop!

    • Once an addict, always and addict… ;-)
      But sometimes it’s good to have some distance and broaden your perspective. Welcome back!

  2. I’m really late to the party, again, currently playing through Life is strange, which started off as a harmless photo opportunity hunting walking sim, but which turned out really good. Approaching the end section, unfortunately it gets unnecessarily abstract, but so far I mostly enjoyed how the story progressed.

  3. Some things beginning with D again, like last week.

    And I gave in and took up the PS Now for £60 offer. So I’ve been downloading all those things and gained about 80 trophies. Easily £60 worth of games I can play there over the next year.

    Oh, and started on the unexpected Borderlands 2 DLC.

    And all because Firewall is still fucked 3 weeks after the big update.

  4. The Cure were awesome last wknd – they played a great set and were in great form and i had a blast!
    When i had fully recovered from the wknd i played some more Dreams and got some decent results from my visualiser experiments.

    • Glad you enjoyed The Cure, you lucky bugger. Looked like an interesting setlist and a 3rd of it was songs they didn’t play 2.5 years ago last time I saw them. Including what was apparently the first time they’ve played Wendy Time in 27 years. Always a good sign when a band can drag out songs they haven’t played in that long.

  5. Played World War Z and got the trophy for all weapons unlocked and bought!
    Looking for players to team up on Hardcore difficulty!
    Also played Blood and Truth in VR and wow! Loved every 2nd. Going to do a collectible run and the earn 5 stars on all missions for the Platinum ^^

  6. Crypt https://rawg.io/games/crypt-of-the-necrodancer is still 100% better than the Cadence. But I like how they paid respect to Zelda series.

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