The latest Control dev diary shows how players can battle the Hiss

Remedy has released a new developer diary for its upcoming supernatural thriller Control with the focus here being how Jesse fights against the Hiss. As the Director of clandestine Federal Bureau of Control Jesse has access to weapons that far exceed the limits of traditional weapons, with a lot of her firepower coming from a shape-shifting gun that can change from revolver to machine pistol pretty quickly depending on the threat ahead. Jesse also has access to powers like bringing up a shield to protect herself, or an ability called seize which forces enemies to join her side and fight the other Hiss.


Stefan had some hands-on time with Control earlier this year and said, “It’s going to be fascinating seeing Control come together ahead of its launch later this year. There’s a very different structure to the world you can explore, asking you to become more powerful and revisit areas to find new paths to follow. Even so, This is a game that builds on what Remedy have done so well over their last few releases, combining supernatural elements with great visual flair..”

You can read the Control preview here.

Control will be releasing on August 27th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. Loving the look of this, reminds me of the old Psy-Ops game!

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