Dr. Mario World heads to iOS and Android in July

The classic Dr. Mario puzzle game is heading to smartphones next month, as Nintendo announced Dr. Mario World’s 10th July release date. The game will lean on the ‘free-to-start’ business model that Nintendo previously used for Super Mario Run.


Dr. Mario is back with a fresh bottle of pills with which to match three and eradicate all sorts of nasty bugs that are plaguing the world. Updating the gameplay for mobile screens, the bugs are now at the top of the screen instead of the dotted around, and your sending pills from the bottom, dragging and dropping them onto the screen and tapping them to change their orientation to slide past anything in the way. There seems to be a more overt puzzle design compared to the original game, giving you only a set number of capsules with which to overcome the bugs laid out before you.

Mario isn’t the only doctor in the house, as everyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom has been given an honorary doctorate. So he’ll be joined by Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, Dr. Toad, each of whom has their own virus-busting ability. Over 200 stages will be in the game at launch with new doctors, stages and worlds to be added after launch.

There’s to be some online functionality as well, with players able to earn and receive stamina hearts to use in the Stage Mode, while a Versus mode will pit players head to head.

The game will be coming to iOS and Android on 10th July.

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