Google Stadia will let you change your username whenever you like

In good news for the indecisive among us, Google have confirmed that Google Stadia will let you change your name at any time. While many of us have already settled on a particular identity to take with us from one service to another, there’s bound to be plenty who haven’t set their gamertag in stone and might might want a change.

When it launches in November Google Stadia will adopt a simple system by which you can change your name to any ID that is not in use by someone else, a company spokesperson confirmed to PCGamesN, but they’ve not divulged whether or not they will be charging for the service.


Online ID changes have become much easier in recent times, as Sony have opened up the possibility for username changes on PlayStation Network this year, albeit with the caveat that you may have issues playing online games on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and potentially even with early PlayStation 4 games. Xbox has long had the ability to change your name, but will be expanding this later in the year with support for more character sets.

What’s perhaps a tiny bit disappointing is that Google will not be adopting the system seen in services like Discord, where you can pick any name of your choice and any duplicates will be appended by a hashed four digit suffix to keep everyone unique. This is a system that Microsoft is adopting across their platforms this year.

Of all the decisions a gamer can make, the one that’s most likely to haunt you is your choice of online user ID. How many of you have been stuck with something childish, framed with different sized x’s and underscores and possibly making lewd reference to sex or drugs? That can, on occasion, even get you in trouble. Either way, it’s great that Google are planning for this possibility.

Source: PCGamesN

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