LittleBigPlanet voted the best British game ever

Ukie (UK Interactive Entertainment), the not-for-profit trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry has been running a poll to decide which game from the past thirty years – essentially since the dawn of video games – is the best, and Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet has triumphed.

The games were paired up and set against each other over a series of rounds with Tomb Raider facing off against UFO: Enemy Unknown, Sensible Soccer pitted against Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, and Manic Miner battling Sniper Elite. Manic Miner won, by the way.

The semi finals found LittleBigPlanet clashing with Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars and Wipeout trying to defeat Monument Valley, a 50% chance of a PlayStation exclusive being the final. This resulted in the last pairing of LittleBigPlanet vs. Monument Valley and Sackboy thrashed the competition scoring 79% of all the votes.

If you’re wondering where Grand Theft Auto V ended up, it was knocked out during first battle of the competition where it faced off against… LittleBigPlanet!

“Over 10,000 of your votes were placed throughout the tournament and we can now say that @mediamolecule’s LittleBigPlanet has officially been crowned champion!” tweeted UKIE, “Seeing off the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider, Batman and Broken Sword this game has clearly touched many!”

Congratulations to Media Molecule!

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  1. Nice result, Media molecule deserve every accolade for what they’ve enabled for console gamers.

  2. That doesn’t work for me, it’s just which game is the favourite out of two each time. They should have put all games up and vote for the one you like best.

    • I have to agree, and 10,000 votes isn’t a compellingly huge number to convince me that LBP is the best evs. It’s great, but not the best :)

  3. Ha! What utter nonsense! GTA5 sold 90m copies. LBP sold 3m.

    • Twilight box office £393 million

      Shawshank box office £58 million

      • Touché, fella. Touché. :)

      • Apart from the fact those films were released about 15 years apart, and the difference in box office takings is still nowhere near the difference in game sales. If LBP was the best British game ever, it would have sold more than 3m copies.

      • I’m just stating facts. I prefer GTAV but sales doesn’t equal quality

      • It’s a fairly good indicator though! I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 people would say GTAV is better than LBP.

      • I don’t believe sales is a good indicator of quality. How many people watched the Kardasians over The Wire?

    • GTAV: 1 Game for £40
      LBP: infinite games for £40

      LBP wins.

  4. Top news, TC. My love for this game causes me to reminisce about it at least a few times a year. Wall-to-wall entertainment and a soundtrack I still love to listen to.

  5. I think there’s an easy way to prove LBP is the correct winner. It’s the only with with Stephen Fry narrating it.

    Winner winner chicken dinner.

  6. Oh as if, where did they do the survey, PlayStation headquarters? Such a great game that Sony abandoned the series!

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