Metro Exodus is half price as PlayStation’s Deal of the Week

4A Games highly rated post apocalyptic Russian shooter, Metro Exodus, is this week’s Deal of the Week on the PlayStation store and you can pick up the standard edition of the game for £27.49, a saving of 50%. You can also pick up the Gold Edition which ncludes the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, for half price at £37.49.

A quick check on Amazon reveals the game is still selling for £37 on PlayStation 4, so this seems to be a bit of a bargain. Grab the deal from one of these links:


“Metro Exodus provides an immersive FPS experience that marks a new milestone for the franchise,” said Dom in our review. “Its survival-horror, sandbox and shooter elements are remarkably well balanced, constituting an engaging and thrilling game that’ll leave you no stranger to a good jump scare. The once linear horror franchise has been reformed, introducing expansive environments to indulge in without derailing the narrative. Metro Exodus is a must play.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Which is nice, if you’ve not got caught up with the Xbox Game Pass thingy and got it for a £1!

    • Yeah cos that works really well on a PlayStation.


  2. Really want this but got Spider-Man the other day and loving that. This will only drop further and quicker now.

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