What We Played #404 – Crash Team Racing, Judgment & Cadence of Hyrule

Thankfully it’s Friday! After what has been a bit of a comedown after E3, we’re still here playing games and writing words about them. Or even talking about them. I’m just about to embark on a week off – the most amazing thing ever – so I’m well on wind down, but before I go let’s catch up with what we’ve all been playing. I’ve still been playing Steamworld Quest, and it’s a lovely looking RPG with great mechanics, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s quite long. I’ve also been playing a ton of Kingdom: New Lands with the oldest boy, and we’re now both utterly addicted, so much so that we now have Kingdom games all set up on iPad and Switch for our week off. Besides that I’ve been getting nostalgic with some Gears of War 3, which isn’t quite as much fun as I remember, and Tales from the Borderlands which still has one of the best soundtracks ever. I also finally started Assassin’s Creed Origins, in a continued effort to not buy new games when I haven’t played my old ones.

Jason has been hammering Destiny 2. “Gambit is the best thing and I love it”. He’s also been playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, “which is very enjoyable so far, but it’s hard to separate my nostalgia from the game itself.” Tuffcub has of course also been playing Destiny 2, but not with Jason because “he’s mean and doesn’t invite me to his game”. He’s also been on the Borderlands train with a little bit of Borderlands Pre-Sequel since it was on PS+, “its.. Borderlands.. meh”. He has also played Paw Patrol: On A Roll; “a side scrolling platformer – and by that I mean there is the floor, and then a level above it (usually a roof) and that’s it. Scroll across, jumping to collect doggy treats, occasionally stop and press a button to activate your pup’s special power, that’s it.” He’s also put himself through playing YouTubers Life OMG! “and it was beyond fucking awful!”

Aran’s been playing a lot of Judgment. “It’s a good game but doesn’t quite reach the same level as the Yakuza series. Still definitely worth a playthrough if you’re a Yakuza game fan.” He’s also been playing Mini Mech Mayhem and that is apparently a fun multiplayer title. “You’re always having to try and anticipate what moves your opponent will make and attempt to set your own tactics to counter them. Can lead to some unexpected consequences.”

Steve meanwhile has been thoroughly immersed in The Sinking City for review next week, alongside Bloodstained which is also up for review while nearly finishing Darksiders 3. “All lovely takes on the broad idea of ‘horror’ ideas and aesthetics. My son also gotcme to help him with the Brave tie-in on 360 which wasn’t so horrific.”

Nick P has been mostly playing Days Gone. “In fact, I finished it last night. I must say, despite the fact that I’ve been constantly saying how bland and buggy it is, I actually quite enjoyed it. Even the dumb story – which was pretty dumb. Tackling the hordes is definitely an adrenaline rush. And Lewis Capaldi sings the main theme which is brilliant! Also, I’ve been playing My Friend Pedro (the game made for me) and Samurai Showdown for review, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which I single handedly funded on Kickstarter and usual junk CoD and MK11.”

Ade has been playing the latest DLC for Overcooked 2. “It is a curious combination of cookery and a horde mode and is, surprisingly, completely brilliant!” he said. Jim meanwhile was wanting to wind down a bit after E3: “last weekend I played nothing though, rest assured, I was still thinking/writing about games the whole bloody time. Wanting to clear some room on my hard drive I decided to leap back into God of War for what I assumed would be a fun bit of trophy cleanup. It’s still a solid 8/10 for me, but I found the task of going back through areas to hunt down collectables a joyless drag. Thankfully, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled has helped me perk up massively. It’s an incredible blast from the past and one I can’t wait to play online when punters start showing up on launch day. You’ll know who I am, the guy that’s already unlocked N. Tropy!”

Nic B now owns a Switch – as all people should – so he’s been playing Breath of the Wild. “We all know how good that is, so I’ve also been playing a J-pop-fueled rhythm game called Muse Dash, and then I’ll be playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite (review ASAP)”

Finally Tef has also been Switch-bound while away from home. Most of that time gaming has been spent with the excellent Cadence of Hyrule and it’s Crypt of the NecroDancer forebear, but he also picked up Wargroove in the E3 sale and got his turn-based strategy on.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I went back to Bloodborne, as leaving it half-finished last year has always felt bad. First I thought it’ll be very difficult to get back into it, but it only took me a couple of hours of playing some Chalice Dungeons that it felt right again. And these are actually a great way of restocking supplies efficiently.

    I’ve finished off two bosses this week, the One Reborn and this running around Micolash chap. Ok, I got some help with the last one, it’s brilliant there are still others around online when you need them.
    I’m currently using a mixed approach of going into levels slowly step by step (i.e. monster by monster) first, but then turning to running through most of a level if I get impatient. This way I managed to skip most of this Nightmare of Mensis level, running through all these werewolves, stone-throwing monsters, horrible spiders, the hunter there, etc. I just made it to the elevator, not knowing where to run, with lots of deadly threats coming after me – that was quite stressful, but it was so good..! I love this game.

    • The One Reborn and Micolash? You legend you! I’ve had two runs at that game but had to stop at Yahar’ Gul when the respawning enemies gave me too much grief. Still one of my favourite games ever!

      • I actually had quite some help with Micolash, and the One is not that difficult if you finish off the magicians on the balcony first and stay out of its acid pool.

        Sounds a lot like what I experienced back then and what made me give up. When I entered Yahar’gul, the unseen village for the first time, with all monsters constantly respawning, and then I went down these stairs and got grabbed by this massive thing from above, that was it for me.

        But thing is, knowing how to do it, that’s actually not a difficult section at all, I just needed to adjust my approach, run through this bit and find the next spot to relax and slow down again. Not all monsters respawn, and those that do have a reason, a bell-ringing witch somewhere nearby. If you take her out, you’re good.

        Ok, I also leveled up quite a bit, I’m somewhere around level 80, I think, and now it’s really doable.

      • Yeah, it was the first area that i couldn’t take my time and learn the layout like the previous ones due to the respawners. I will go back to it – as soon as i pluck up the courage again!

      • By the way: I just finished off another boss last night, this Celestial something. It was the easiest yet, had no chance in my first attempt. I start to think I’m slightly overpowered because of my level and having my weapon maxed out. So, I think it might actually be possible for me to finish this game, and I’ve given up on other Souls games before…

  2. Got Far Cry Primal Platinum #386 ^^
    Tonight is Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled oh yeah!
    Also a bit of World War Z aswell over the weekend.

  3. Still audio-visual Dream-ing, i might do a show and tell next time.. ;)

  4. Firewall was finally fixed after 3.5 weeks. Sort of. Solo matchmaking works, so I’ve been doing a lot of that. But it’s still impossible to get into a game with a squad of 4 slightly less random people.

    Plenty of Honor & Duty again. Which seems to have unfixed some bugs at the same time Firewall fixed it’s issues. Concidence? Probably. Hard to shoot someone when they suddenly become invisible? Definitely.

    Helpful hint of the week: If you’re playing anything in VR and you’ve got a smoke alarm with a dying battery that beeps every 30 seconds, change the bloody battery! The PSVR mic will easily pick it up and people will want to kill you after about the 3rd beep.

    And PS Now is still proving good value for things I didn’t get around to playing (Sniper Elite 4 and Prey) and things I never bothered with due to average reviews. The Adventure Time piratey RPG is extremely average as an RPG, but quite fun for the Adventure Time stuff, and an easy Platinum. But needed more of Lumpy Space Princess.

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