2K appears to have added unskippable adverts in NBA 2K19

It appears that in a recent update NBA 2K19 has received another addition that is unwelcome, and that is unskippable adverts before the start of matches. This revelation came to light on a Reddit thread where a number of players have complained about having to sit through adverts before being allowed to start a game. The NBA 2K games have been filled with promotional content for years from a number of advertising partners, with replays having sponsors and branded stores being around so players could purchase that gear. While it was everywhere players could choose to skip the adverts or not buy gear.

The picture above shows that a game has been loaded but cannot be progressed until the advert is done. Unskippable adverts are usually found in the realm of free mobile games, YouTube unless you have Premium and TV. There does seem to be some kind of fix though in that players can turn off the 2KTV setting in the options which should mean you don’t see these adverts. It does seem though that 2K Games are looking to explore every single avenue to get as much income from NBA 2K, which as a business is its function, but each of these feels like it sacrifices player and consumer friendliness to build up that income,


Let’s be honest here it’s not the first time 2K has been called out for its business practices and impact on gameplay when it comes to the NBA 2K series. I’ve called out the VC grind numerous times in the past through reviews, stating how it is almost impossible to make any real progress without investing extra cash or be left behind. 2K has yet to comment on this practice but should they do so we’ll report on what they have said and how the decision was justified.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Unskippable adverts in a f2p game would make sense. As much as I wouldn’t like them, I’d accept them, especially if there was an option to pay to remove them.

    This though is an absolute joke. I hope they make zero sales.

  2. Disgusting. Pay full price for a game and still get bombarded with unskippable adverts. On top of microtransactions and loot boxes. Game publishers are scum.

  3. Unskippable ads = Skippable game.
    Although in all fairness I haven’t picked up an NBA game in a while as none of my mates are prepared to try anything other than the next PES each year.

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