Sony celebrates Ape Escape’s 20th anniversary

There’s been some hubbub over the weekend as a new Ape Escape related Twitter account came to light, tweeting an image that showed one of the characters hiding behind a tree and asking whether anyone would still be chasing him. This led to a lot of speculation that a new Ape Escape game announcement was imminent, and the could still be the case, but in this instance, this new account has been building up to the 20th anniversary of the Ape Escape series. The first game released on June 24th 1999.


The account, @Piposaru20th, looks to have been sent up by PlayStation Japan to commemorate the series, and share information about the franchise from the last 20 years. The official site has been updated with new items including mobile wallpapers. If you happen to be in Tokyo between July 19th and August 1st a special pop up shop will be at Tokyo Station selling limited edition items to celebrate Ape Escape’s 20th anniversary. There’s also a PS Plus exclusive theme available too.

If you can understand Japanese a short video has been released about the 14 Ape Escape titles that have been released, and you can watch that below.

This focus on one of Sony’s iconic franchises could be a lead up to the announcement of either a remake of Ape Escape, which would follow the similar treatment to Medievil, or Sony may announce the next game in the series which could be one of the last exclusives of this generation or a possible launch title for PlayStation 5. If it’s the latter then we wouldn’t expect any news on that for a little while, at least not until Sony does a full reveal of its next console. What would you prefer and which of the series’ games has been your favourite?

Happy birthday, Ape Escape!

Source: Twitter / PS Blog Japan

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