DMCA Royale is the most addictive Mario style battle royale you will play this lunchtime

It’s a tale as old as time, someone makes a Super Mario clone and Nintendo swing in with the lawyers demanding the game be removed. That happened Mario Royale, a game based on the Nintendo classic but with a twist – 75 players fighting to be the last plumber standing.

The game went offline for a short while before developer InfernoPlus relaunched the game as DMCA Royale complete with a new main character, Infringio Infringio, and his brother, Copyright Infringio. It still looks a lot like Super Mario so it might be taken down again any second, but while it’s still up it’s well worth a play. It’s browser based so you don’t need to download anything and amazingly it supports gamepads, although using the keyboard works just fine.


If you manage to last until the top three in the game you get the ‘good’ ending, finish fourth place or lower and you get unceremoniously dumped in a pool of hot lava. Although you can’t direct run in to other players you can bounce on enemies and send them spiralling towards the other players.

You can play the game by following this link and it’s well worth ten minutes of your lunchtime.

Source: DMCA Royale

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  1. And it’s gone already… Please press F to pay respects to the Infringio Bros.

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