Terraria is releasing on June 27th for Nintendo Switch

505 Games has made a surprise announcement regarding the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria by confirming the crafting and survival game will be released on June 27th. That’s right, tomorrow. This will be the digital release of the game with the physical version needing a bit more time to be produced so it can also be released. It looks like the version of Terraria that will be available on Switch will be 1.3, and it looks like the price may be $29.99 though it is yet to be confirmed.

Some updates were also given for the other platforms Terraria is available on. For the PS4 and Xbox One versions Pipeworks are working on water distortion as well as other features but there is no release window yet. DR Studios is working on the mobile version of Terraria and has stated that sorting out multiplayer has been trickier than anticipated but there is progress being made there. In terms of the mobile UI players will now be able to move around aspects of it to make the display fit better and be more comfortable to play.

Re-Logic is hard at work on the 1.4 update for the PC version of Terraria, which is called Journey’s End and you can watch the trailer for that above. It’ll bring 800 new items, golfing, a new difficulty mode, new and enhanced weather, new monsters, new mini-biomes, and a lot of quality improvements.

Source: Official Terraria Forum

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