Investigate the disappearance of a lunar colony in Deliver Us The Moon

Wired Productions is going to be bringing the full release of Keoken Interactive’s Deliver Us The Moon later this year. The game is already partly available on PC with the Fortuna chapter, but this full release adds the Tombaugh expansion. Deliver Us The Moon is set in the not too distant future where resources on Earth have become depleted, so a global initiative is launched to send a colony to the Moon to mine its Helium-3 reserves to power civilisation back on Earth. However, one day all contact is lost with the lunar colony.


As the lone astronaut you’ll have to venture around the seemingly abandoned colony to find out where everyone went, with the pieces falling together through recordings and observations. Traversing the Moon will be done on foot and in a lunar vehicle to cover the distance between structures. The place is also in need of repairs and they’ll have to be carried out if you want access to new areas and further the story. Those who already have Deliver Us The Moon on PC will be getting the Tombaugh expansion at no extra cost as a thank you for supporting the game so far.

Deliver Us The Moon is expected for consoles later this year along with the Tombaugh update for PC players.

Source: Press Release

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