Become the Knight of Dawn Helios in SEGA’s divinely inspired RTS action hybrid SolSeraph

SEGA has revealed a new RTS and action hybrid called SolSeraph in which players take on the role of a divine being that has to rebuild civilisation while also defending it from threats. The divine being is Helios, Knight of Dawn, who has to watch over each of humanity’s tribes will fighting the Younger Gods that are jealous of humanity and seek to destroy them. SolSeraph is split between a strategy mode and an

action mode.


In strategy mode players will build up civilisations by putting together farms, homes, roads, and discovering new technologies that Helios can share across the tribes. However, due to the danger present these blossoming tribes will also need a lot of defensive structures like barracks and towers so the people can fight the monsters without always needing Helios to step in. There will be times though when Helios needs to draw sword and shield in action mode. Action mode is a sidescrolling portion of the game where Helios fights the more dangerous creatures and venture through lairs to disperse the dark fog so the tribes can expand. As lairs are destroyed Helios grows more powerful and when a Younger God is defeated Helios gains new powers.

The world map has various regions with their own challenges for tribes to overcome, and each of these regions is the domain of its own Younger God. These locations include the Plains of Widhu which are filled with forests and grassy plains, the Sekh Desert when the Queen of Bones torments the tribe, while on Mount Agnir the King of Fire blasts heat at humanity, and the Arunan Isles are constantly hit by water due to the King of Floods. The final region is the Vale of Yeg which is a land of winter with deep snow and the domain of the Queen of Ice.

SolSeraph will be available on July 10th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Source: SolSeraph site

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