Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Cyberpilot will be released uncensored in Germany

Videogames in Germany have usually had extra restrictions placed upon them when it comes to depicting imagery of Nazi symbols, with the game studios having to either remove the imagery or replace it with something else. Wolfenstein is a series that has had to comply with that rule for years but now there’s been a major shift in policy in Germany, Bethesda has confirmed that the international versions of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot will be available in Germany, so German consumers will have the option to buy the game.

The reason for the change is due to Germany’s USK rating board testing criteria which looks at the context of the product on a case by case basis. In this case since the fight against the Nazis is so intertwined it seems that the USK made an exception. However, there are two versions of the game that will be on sale. The international version which will be available in English, and the German version which will still have the Nazi imagery scrubbed from it.


This is due to both versions of the game being in development at the same time.

Source: Bethesda

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