“Content more important than ever”, Sony look at buying another developer

Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has told Nikkei.com that the company is considering the buying another developer to add to Sony’s first party studios. In recent months Microsoft have been snapping up developers including Ninja Theory and Double Fine while Sony havelost one of former third party exclusive developer as Quantic Dream have gone multi platform.

There is no indication as to which studio this may be but there are plenty of options. Housemarque and Futurlab have worked closely with the Japanese giant have produced quality games for PlayStation but perhaps they are looking at a larger studio, Sumo Digital have a a good track record, Insomniac would be ideal (and Sony really should have bought them years ago), or if they fancy picking up something from the bargain bin then Starbreeze would gladly accept their cash.


It appears the emergence of Google in to the video games market has made Sony think about buying more developers as “the content becomes more important than ever.” It’s interesting that just a few years ago both Sony and Microsoft were downplaying the importance of exclusive and now seem to have done a u-turn.

Rumours of Sony buying EA or Rockstar have been floated in the past year or so, neither or which would seem likely, EA would be a massive headache as FIFA and Disney wouldn’t be pleased when their games are limited to one console. I can’t see Take Two giving up their cash cow either, but GTA6 as a PS5 exclusive would effectively win the next gen console wars in one move so who knows, Sony might be desperate enough to stump up the money.

Earlier today it was revealed that Remedy now own the rights to Alan Wake so that former Xbox exclusive might be heading to PlayStation.

Who developer would you like to see Sony grab? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Nikkei

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  1. Who developer? Would that be the Dr, or the Daltrey/Townsend ;p

  2. Well, Insomniac doesn’t seem to be interested in being acquired but Ready at Dawn could be a possibility. HouseMarque is, I believe, in financial trouble, so they look like the obvious choice (paradoxically, they’ve had problems ever since they went multiplatform). Problem is (I think), they are a indie developer and I don’t think that’s what Sony is looking for.

    Sumo Digital; don’t they have a mixed record? I mean, LBP 3 was the least good of all the LBPs. StarBreeze though; yes they have financial problems and they also seem like a competent developer.

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