Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC has been delayed to 2020

When Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC was revealed in June last year Stefan said, ‘let’s cross our fingers it’s not ridiculously delayed like the main game!’ Well, it looks like not enough fingers were crossed because Studio MDHR has announced that the Cuphead DLC is getting delayed and will now be out at some point in 2020 for Xbox One, Switch and PC. To mark the delay announcement is a short little teaser.

There was also a mini statement to explain the delay.

More imaginative, screen-filling bosses. Entirely new weapons & charms. And of course, another playable character – the lovely Ms. Chalice! A cornuCUPia of fantastic action awaits in Studio MDHR’s Cuphead DLC pack, The Delicious Last Course. Originally announced for release in 2019, DLC will now be coming in 2020 to ensure it’s cooked to perfection!

I guess you can spend some more time honing your skills so by the time The Delicious Last Course comes out you’ll be prepared.

Source: YouTube

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