Pigeon Simulator announced by Bossa Studios

Following the footsteps of the epic Goat Simulator and the classic Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for the ZX Spectrum, Boss Studios are taking to the skies with Pigeon Simulator, a game which has very little do with simulating pigeons.

The trailer for the sandbox game shows the pigeons flying in tight formation (which they don’t in real life), carrying skateboards (which they don’t in real life), destroying bus shelters (which they… you get the idea), wearing bread, and lifting humans off the ground.

They also seem to be able to target where they poop and can be seen trying to crap on a bystander, so at least they are simulating one thing correctly.

There is no word on release date or platforms but Bossa usually release on as may formats as possible so I would expect at least PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and probably Switch as well.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I’m waiting for the Watching Paint Dry simulator.

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