The Death Stranding reveal trailer has been recreated as a PS1 game

Something a little light and fluffy to get you started on this wonderful Wednesday morning, what if it were Death Stranding, not Metal Gear, that launched on PlayStation One?

Well thanks to a clever chap who goes by the name of Hoolopee we can see exactly what it would look like as he has recreated the reveal trailer as if it were running on the first PlayStation, check it out.


You can find the original reveal trailer here for comparison.

Although we are just four months away from the game hitting the shelves we are still very much in the dark as to what Death Stranding is. “Death Stranding is not a stealth game,” tweeted Kojima recently. “Could move subjectively but not a FPS shooting game either. By incorporating with the concept of connection(strand), it’s totally brand new genre called action game/strand game(social strand system),” he added.

The official description on the PlayStation Store is as follows:

In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the globe, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With otherworldly creatures plaguing the landscape, and mass extinction imminent, it’s up to Sam Porter Bridges to travel across the ravaged wasteland and save humanity from impending annihilation.

Arm yourself and take aim at a variety of objectives in your mission to reunite a broken nation, while balancing under the weight of your cargo as you travel. Protect your supplies from wild bandits, and stay safe from the terrifying Beached Things… or face failing those who depend on you.

The Decima Engine renders a hyper-realistic landscape utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Unpassable obstacles block your path and force you to find different routes, while supernatural elements alter the physical state of your surroundings.

We also know the game will have sort of asynchronous online gameplay. Death Stranding will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on 8th November.

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  1. PlayStation has come a long way since the original console. We all thought the graphics were really good on the PS.

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