Colonial RPG Greedfall launches this September

Just last month Focus Home Interactive confirmed that the upcoming fantasy RPG Greedfall would be releasing in September, but an actual day of release had not been stated. Now developer Spiders has taken to Twitter to confirm that the complete release date for Greedfall will, in fact, be September 10th. That’s confirmed for all platforms the game is releasing on including PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


That’s not all that was revealed for the game as one of the first of the companions has been revealed, and that is Kurt who is part of the Coin Guard. He’s a dedicated mercenary of the Coin Guard guild and his relationship is described as that of an older brother to the protagonist. Kurt is apparently a bit cynical and rude but is obsessed with responsibility and honour.

Greedfall is the story of explorers landing on a new continent, to them at least, in search of a cure for a plague that has broken out back home. What they find is a land teeming with its own society, culture, and traditions. Also, there’s quite a bit of spirituality and magic involved as well. As the protagonist the player will have to navigate complex relationships as the new arrivals could be willing to do anything to find a cure for their family and friends back home, while the inhabitants will do anything to protect their home. Players will be able to negotiate, barter, or fight for what is wanted but the choices will have consequences on the story and how the world evolves. In case you missed it here’s the Greedfall E3 trailer.

Source: Twitter

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