Dangerous Driving ‘Voluntary Excess’ update to improve online multiplayer

Three Fields Entertainment has confirmed it will be releasing a patch within the next week to address some of the online issues Dangerous Driving has been experiencing, and this will all be delivered in update 4 which has been given the name ‘Voluntary Excess.’ With this update, hosts will be able to pick the car and track combination of the event as well as the number of laps to partake in, and players will be momentarily invincible while resetting after a crash so they get involved in a crash again straight away. The full list of patch notes is below.

  • Online – Host can choose any car / any track combination and set the number of laps
  • Online – ensure players are invulnerable when resetting after a crash (to avoid crashing again immediately)
  • Online – add ahead/behind distances to the in-game HUD
  • Online – Further improvements to finding games to make it easier for players to get into game, add ‘browse games’ option on console, extend browse games to include games in progress
  • Handling – Improve landing from air to lessen the chances of your car ending up facing the wrong direction
  • Online – Lobby graphics given an overhaul
  • Online – all cars by default can carry more boost
  • Online Xbox: Add presence text for in lobby and in online game
  • Bug Fixes – primarily to Pursuit mode

If you haven’t got Dangerous Driving and are wondering what it’s all about Dom wrote, “Dangerous Driving is the game Burnout fans have been waiting for. Insane speeds, takedowns, permanent wreckage and a raft of events make this not just a spiritual successor, but a new beginning for aggressive arcade racing.”


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Source: Three Fields Entertainment

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