Fortnite x Stranger Things is now live and the new skins have leaked

As previously rumoured Fortnite is featuring the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, the third season of which went live on the streaming platform this morning. You may recall that everyone at Epic is having two week’s off so there’s no official information about the event, but we do know that Stranger Things style portals have appeared in the Mega Mall.

The Mall now has a branch of the Scoops Ahoy! store which features heavily in the third series of the show and if you check the back room of the parlour you will discover one of the Stranger Things portals, but rather than take you to Upside Down it transports you to the Flush Factory. A second pair of portals links the Oink Oink shop with the Junk-4-Cash Pawn Shop, and the third connects Sew What and the basement toilet in the Mega Mall.


Skins based on characters for Stranger Things have also leaked out and they include the Demogorgan and Chief Hopper, both of these were discovered earlier by dataminers.

That appears to be the extent of the content so far, not much to get excited about but perhaps more will be revealed at a later date.

Source: Twitter 1/2

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