What We Played #406 – Sea of Solitude, Super Mario Maker 2 & FFXIV: Shadowbringers

It’s been another beautiful week, but that doesn’t mean we have spent all of our time outdoors, not playing games, oh no! For one thing, we have numerous Nintendo Switch’s, and for another some of us don’t get on well with the sun. It is not our friend.

I’ve been playing games inside, as God intended, and amongst those I got to review the brilliant Sea of Solitude which is both emotionally charged and a wonderful example of the growth of our industry. Besides that I’ve been playing the creaky Godzilla game with my son as he utterly loves it, as well as some bits and bats on the Switcheroo. I’ve just made a start on the Shadowbringers update for FFXIV so I know what I can expect to be playing this weekend!

Aran has been playing Devil May Cry 5 this week – “The combat feels a little slower than what I remember from previous games, but it’s still decent fun.” – while Tuffcub sounds like he’s pretty much done with Rage 2: “I think I’m gonna give up rather finish it. Pretty much all the tasks in the game are lifted from Mad Max, but it hasn’t got the Mad Max story to back it up, just a generic bad guy wants to take over the world thing.” He’s also played Destiny 2, but that should be taken as granted.

In lieu of an actual holiday, Jim has been playing Vacation Simulator instead. “This sequel to 2016’s Job Simulator has been a nice surprise and feels way more fleshed out than the original game. I also wrapped up Shenmue HD while bagging myself another platinum trophy. It’s a bit of a relic now, though I can definitely see why the series has such a hardcore following.”

Steve started Metro: Exodus after giving in to the temptation of Xbox Game Pass for PC: “I was planning on it just being a one-off month, but they’re adding some of my Steam wishlist, so I might subscribe for longer. I always forget that my PC is now relatively functional after years of being way below minimum specs on games. Other than that this week has been mostly Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Following my review, I’ve got sucked (Boom Boom) into the grind at the end game and am one trophy away from the platinum. Not sure what’s next up afterwards; maybe I’ll try out Detroit.”

Nick P finished Red Dead Redemption 2 this week, saying it’s “A very good story let down my janky gun play and ropey controls. I still think the game is too big and needed to be a little faster paced.” Nick is a good man, since this is the absolutely right take on RDR2! Jason has been playing more Slay the Spire because it’s very good, and has also been hammering away at Destiny 2 some more and polishing off the last few bits of Bloodstained.

Ade finished off We. The Revolution for review, “which, despite its issues, was a really interest take on a fascinating and terrifying period of history.” And he’s also started on Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood for review, which is a text-based strategic spin on the choose your own adventure books. He can’t give you a full review yet, but does think it’s “BLOODY BRILLIANT.”

Gareth has been playing They Are Billions, a review of which is coming soon, a little bit of Spider-Man and some Detroit: Become Human (which is on the cusp of climbing out of the uncanny valley for him), while over on the other side of that big old pond, Miguel has played and beat Blazing Chrome, “which is probably the best Contra-style game I’ve played innnn…. Ever? I also played some more Atelier Lulua, and I played a heaped helping of Super Mario Maker 2 despite still being truly awful at classic Mario.”

Finally, Tef’s mainstay game of the week was also Super Mario Maker 2, whether it was the slightly janky multiplayer versus mode, or some more of the single player levels. He hasn’t played Apex Legends this week, but might head back in now that Season 2 is upon us.

Now then, what have you played this past week?

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  1. More Spider-Man for me! I’m really enjoying the combat, very forgiving on eejuts like me but fun and satisfying. I’ve been swinging around fighting crime, collecting collectibles and side missioning the side missions.
    I’m also 2 months into 6 months of no internet and I have to say the honeymoon is over. After a fortnight I got used to it and started to enjoy the relief from red-for-addiction but it’s now fucking irritating not to be able to google a phone number, log into the bank, email a return request. Being unintentionally off-grid is bloody hard work!

    • Why do you have no internet for 6 months???

    • By “off-grid” i hope you just meant the internet and not that you’ve moved out into a leanto shack in a forest somewhere :)

      • In answer to your questions… We’re renting a new build, very rural, landlord didn’t get a phone line installed before we moved in and it would cost us £600+ for that and six months super slow internet, boo BT!
        This off-grid is very comfy and has a great local! But it’s still annoyingly off-grid, no mobile signal unless you head up the road a bit.
        I was at the kids swimming lesson completing as much internet’s as possible in 30 minutes! I’m now at work for the night. Ahh, air con bliss!

      • Ah good stuff, sounds like a nice new location for you. I’ll be in a similar situation when i spend next week at my folks place – beautiful location by the sea but no mobile or internet!.

    • How do you post here without Internet access..? Using magic..? ;)

    • Cheers for the reply. Interesting stuff. Well at least it will give you time to reconnect with your true love. Beer.

    • Wow, you’re quite brave to put up with that, I’d find it very hard I think, but I do see the temptation too, often being annoyed by modern tech.

  2. More Dreams for me, made a silly skeleton visualiser for fun because it was quick and easy to do but putting that together gave me an idea for my next project, a perpetually animated lightshow without having to use animation, relying on physics to keep the light sources moving randomly. It was wonderfully satisfying to take that idea and turn it into a reality. I can’t recommend Dreams highly enough to anyone out there with any creative tendency, ability or interest in art/sculpting/animation/music/games/movies/storytelling etc. And that’s coming from someone with more tendency than ability! ;)

  3. I had a lot of work, so not much play time, but what I had I spent with Bloodborne, working my way through the DLC, through this clock tower building. It is such a great game..!

    I also played some Ratched and Clank with the kids, as it simply was too hot to go outside. Although it’s not really that special, the kids liked it and there were levels we had a lot of fun with. It’s a shame, though, that with such a character setup you’re not able to play together.

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