Elite Dangerous updates will bring Fleet Carriers and virtual currency Arx

The Anime Expo isn’t the only convention going on this weekend. Lavecon, a fan convention that primarily focuses on the Elite series, is currently taking place in Northants, UK until tomorrow. It’s a place where Elite fans can talk about the game, do campaigns together, and find out what’s next in store for Elite Dangerous.  Frontier Developments has taken the opportunity to announce not one but two major updates that will be heading to the game.

In September a new virtual currency called Arx will be released across all platforms, replacing Frontier Points on console and direct payments on PC. This is so parity is achieved across all platforms when it comes to prices. Arx will only be used to purchase cosmetic items with. Arx will be earnable through the game and will not replace Credits. Mission rewards will also not be changed because of the introduction of Arx. All Game Extras, which includes paint jobs and skins, will be purchasable with Arx individually instead of having to buy packs. Cosmetic items will also be earnable through playing the game too.


Also in September a new starter experience will be added where players can jump into the cockpit of a loaned Sidewinder to learn all the basics. This includes flight controls, scanning, navigation, combat, hyperspace jump, and starport docking. Those who have been playing for a while will be able to access the starter experience through the training panel. Then we move on to the December update and the big addition.

That’ right the mobile base Fleet Carriers are finally being added near the end of this year. They were originally meant to appear in 2018 in the Q4 update but were delayed until this year. Frontier Developments haven’t released much more about the Fleet Carriers, with the studio stating it will give more details in the near future.

Source: Frontier Developments

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