[UPDATE]Amazon lists Batman Arkham Collection with a release date for September

It appears that Warner Bros Interactive isn’t content with just one physical Batman Arkham bundle. Return to Arkham may have put together Arkham Asylum and Arkham City together, but Arkham Knight remained its own release at least in the physical realm. However, on digital storefronts, an Arkham Collection of all three games was put together and it appears that the same collection will be released physically.

Amazon has listed Batman Arkham Collection with a price of £39.99 and a release date of September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One. This bundle will include the base games as well as all DLC that was released. This physical release is coming in at £10 cheaper than the digital version which is currently £49.99. Or you could opt for the Arkham Knight Premium Edition which is on sale for £14.99 and the Return to Arkham bundle which is currently on sale for £11.99, which will net the same stuff the Arkham Collection does £26.98 via the PS Store. Or if you have Xbox Game Pass you can play all the games right now.


The keen-eyed among you will notice that Arkham Origins is nowhere to be seen, even though it has the superior Deathstroke fight compared to the one in Arkham Knight. This release does have the Earth 2 Dark Knight skin though so I guess that’s something. While Rocksteady did create a great series of Batman games there has still been no news on what the next project the developer is working on, and we are now four years out from the release of Arkham Knight. There have been rumours of a Superman game, a Justice League game, and even a Harry Potter game though nothing has been confirmed.

At this point it could be that Rocksteady’s next title could be a cross-generation title due to the next Xbox confirmed to be released next winter, and the next PlayStation is unlikely to be far behind.

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed for Europe this September.

Source: Amazon UK via Comicbook

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  1. Seems a bit pointless if they’re not going to include Origins. Though maybe that’s for the definitive super deluxe edition they’ll do after.

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